Enjoy these links. They are both business and family-related.

Our hobby for more than 15 years has been building and flying Radio Control Model Aircraft. In 1985 we got into "giant scale" models. In 1989, we found the excitement of flying models which "smoke" just like those in full-scale. That led to the founding of MDW Aviation Associates, Inc. which is the premier supplier of aviation smoke oil to the model and full-scale aircraft industries.


Our son, Mike, is the Vice President, Senior Numismatist and Webmaster at Larry Whitlow, Ltd. In the top handful of numismatists, this company delivers highest quality rare coins to investors and collectors around the world. Since their web site founding in 1998, dramatic growth and service delivery improvements have followed. Today, their award-winning web site is both a source of pride and 98% of their business.




The Great Lakes Eagles is a group of radio control model aircraft flyers who began flying "giant scale" models, those with wingspans of 80" or more, in 1982. (That was when "giant scale" was in its infancy.) A special-interest group of modelers, the club is chartered by both the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and the IMAA (International Miniature Aircraft Association). Using as their home base the model flying field at LaGrange Road and 107th Avenue in Palos Hills, IL, the Eagles fly regularly there and at major events in surrounding states. Come, see the Eagles fly!