Information Technology and Health Care Management Executive with a significant track record of improving operations through the application of technology.  An entrepreneurial and leading edge thinker with an ability to understand business applications and apply information systems and new technologies in order to achieve competitive and strategic advantage.  Excellent communicator, consultant and teammate on executive teams in order to assist with the thinking and implementation of ideas that increase revenues, lower costs and generally improve organizational efficiency.  Selected areas of greatest strength include:

Strategic Planning

Experienced in the development of long and short-range information technology plans that support business goals and provide a tangible return on investment.

New Technology Advocate

Knowledgeable of the latest technologies and applications.  Unique ability to think creatively in order to apply new technology to improve operations.


Proven track record in leadership.  Experienced in the recruitment and development of high performing teams that perform to challenging objectives and time tables.

Organization and Management

A turn-around expert with troubled departments.  Able to make the necessary organizational decisions regarding staffing and workload in order to quickly make the necessary changes to improve performance.


MACNEAL HEALTH NETWORK, Berwyn, Illinois             1979-2000

A leading, not-for-profit health care provider of a broad range of community health services.  Owned by MacNeal Health Services Corporation, the network was recently acquired by Vanguard Health Systems. 

Vice President and Chief Information Officer (1990 – 2000)

Reporting to the President and responsible for providing leadership to a staff of >400.  Accountable for creation and operation of the MacNeal Health Network’s Wide Area Network of voice and data systems and various other services supporting: the 427-bed MacNeal Hospital; a 7-county Home Health Service operation; Watermark Physician Services, a provider of providing professional billing services to MacNeal and external clients;  Genesis Clinical Laboratory;  and 30+ Primary Care Centers.  Selected accomplishments include:

§         Prepared staff and assisted in the development and implementation of a plan to outsource the information technology and telecommunications departments and migrate to a new suite of information system applications over an 18-month period.  Expense reductions are targeted at 50%.

§         In 1995, became the first in America to use the Azron EMR (Electronic Medical Records) System, allowing for physicians and nurses to interact with patients using a wireless, laptop computer and to complete all chart documentation without a paper patient chart.  Enabled reduction of medical record storage and retrieval costs, recovery and reuse of record storage space, and elimination of clinical and legal problems associated with lost charts.

§         Implemented Enterprise-Wide Financial Systems and installed an integrated purchasing, materials management and accounts payable system:

s         Eliminated the hospital warehouse and converted the space to a new and efficient Pharmacy department.

s         Installed hand-held computers to support exchange cart replenishment on the nursing units.

s         Moved the hospital to a 3x/week delivery schedule and remote Primary Care Centers to a 1x/week delivery schedule.  Reduced inventory levels to 50% of that carried by comparable facilities and lowered supply expenses by 30%.

§         Installed a state-of-the-art Human Resources and Payroll system and provided for remote time-recording and staff scheduling.  Introduced a fair and equitable system of time recording and employee compensation and eliminated erroneous overtime expenses.

§         Developed the Long Range Facilities Services and Enterprise Construction Master Plan and provided leadership and direction for these activities. 

§         Key contributor to the growth and development of the MacNeal Health Network, twice named to the “Top 100 Hospitals in America” list by the Mercer/HCIA team.

§         Centralized Medical Records, Radiology and Pathology transcription teams and reorganized multiple departments. Reduced staff by 33% and reduced turnaround time. Implemented incentive compensation system based on thru-put and quality, achieving additional savings.

§         Accepted and led a major project to re-build the Food Service department. Installed new cook-chill food production system, resulting in: substantially improved meal quality and seriously reduced operating expenses.  Improved productivity from 3.5 meals/man hour to 5.4 meals/man hour.

§         Managed an entrepreneurial venture and established Technology Systems, Inc. (TSI).  Sold the MacNeal Cook-Chill Food Service System to selected markets in a multi-state area and generated non-healthcare related revenues.

§         Led the early adoption of the internet and intranet technologies for the Enterprise, effecting improved access to information and expense reductions in a multitude of areas.  Examples:  administrative and departmental policy manuals; telephone listings; on-call schedules;  educational materials and protocols.  MacNeal’s web-based Clinical Data Repository was among the very first to integrate clinical data from many legacy systems and place that data in the hands of health care professionals via web browsers, thus improving patient care quality and reducing expense.

§         Managed the development of extranet-based data for the Genesis Clinical Laboratory which provided web access to all lab results for lab customers in the Chicagoland region and a competitive advantage in acquiring new business.

§         Applied personal computers and data communications to the medical and reference library, resulting in the award-winning “MacNeal Health Answers” service for the organization and its patients.  Software developed for the Health Science Resource Center and inter-library loan services was successfully sold to hundreds of clients in and out of the health care field.

Division Director (1979 – 1989)

Reporting to the President and Chief Financial Officer, responsible for providing leadership and direction to a staff of >500 which included the following departments:

Reporting to the President and Chief Financial Officer, responsible for providing leadership and direction to a staff of >500 which included the following departments:  Central Supply & Distribution;  Central Transcription Services;  Datacenter Services;  Environmental Services;  Facility Services and Plant Maintenance;  Food & Nutrition Services;  Health Science Resource Center;  Information Services;  Laundry;  Management Engineering;  Management Information Services;  Materials Management;  Medical Records;  Office Services;  Pharmacy;  Purchasing;  Quality Assurance;  Respiratory Services;  Security;  Sterile Processing;  and Telecommunications.


EASTERN COOPERATIVE SERVICES, Baltimore, Maryland             1967-1979

Assistant Director, Information Systems Division

Reporting to the Director, responsible for the application of computers and data processing applications in the thirteen Daughters of Charity hospitals covering seven states and including over 5,000 beds.  Selected accomplishments include:

§         Development of computer applications for hospital business systems.

§         Establishment of procedures and processes for the development and training of distributed data processing organizations in the hospitals.

§         Startup and ongoing support for the hospital-based computer applications.

§         Research and development of future computer applications for the organization.

BETHLEHEM STEEL CORPORATION, Sparrows Point, Maryland             1965-1967

Systems Analyst

Led and participated in a variety of projects, including:

§         Process control computer applications to steel making operations.

§         Management information systems.

§         Air quality monitoring and reporting systems.

§         Manpower and project scheduling systems.

WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION, Baltimore, Maryland             1962-1965

Engineering Writer

Created theory of operation and maintenance manuals for Department of Defense computer-controlled, ship-board weapon systems.




Master of Science, Personnel Administration, 1970


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, 1962